Who is Štefan Svitko?

Three-time European champion in endure racing has been struck by a phenomenon, which is called “the Dakar virus”. Whoever tries this race once, must start again and again.

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Dakar profile

Štefan Svitko holds the title of “Best 2010 Rally Dakar 2010 newcomer”, which he won in his first start in an extreme marathon. If pitch had not stuck to the wheels he would have belonged in the subsequent Dakar years among the world's best riders, while last year he finished the race at an excellent fifth place.
Besides enduro racing, this chilled rider with always good mood born in Orava, Slovakia, is a father of a daughter named Sofia.

In the KTM saddle

At Dakar 2016, Svitko is riding on his new KTM Rally Replica 450 motorbike. Compared to the previous model it is 10 kg lighter. It has more powerful engine, which doesn’t have a carburetor anymore, but has a fuel injection, advantageous at higher altitudes.

Technical specifications

1. Weight:

nearly 140kg (with empty tanks)

2. Type of motor:

four-stroke single-cylinder

3. Volume of motor:

449,3 cm3

4. Transmission:

6 gears

5. Tank capacity:

33 liters

6. Frame:

chromium-molybdenum compound

7. Front shock absorbers/rear shock absorbers:

WP-USD 48mm / WP-Monoshock

8. Exhaust:


Used lubricants:MOL Dynamic

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